Types of Darshan in Tirumala

People from different places visit different places of worship throughout the year due to several religious reasons. These places are exclusive places where people pay their gratitude to some overseeing power for His bounties and blessings.

Among all the worship places, Tirumala is one of the famous holy places in India. It is in Andhra Pradesh, and there is a massive crowd every day.

The temple is in the Chittoor district. The deity of Tirumala Temple is Lord Venkateswara. There is a notion that a form of Vishnu appeared here to save humanity from the problems of Kali Yuga. So, one should have proper planning before visiting this place. 

One should know the procedures and types of Darshans available here to get worship in a hassle-free manner. 

Pre-Booking of Darshan Tickets:

Pre-Booking of Darshan tickets is compulsory. If one does not get Darshan Tickets through online mode, it is a suggestion to cancel or postpone the trip. Booking of tickets through the online site at https://ttdsevaonline.com/.

The devotees offer different types of Darshans in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams. Nearly about fifty-thousand to sixty-thousand devotees visit Tirumala every day. 

Various Darshans helps devotees to have peaceful Darshan of Lord Venkateswara, and thus, they get rid of these massive crowds. 

Types of Darshans:

The list of various Darshans includes Sarva Darshan which is a Free Darshan in Tirumala. The Divya Darshan which allows pedestrians via the Srivari Mettu and Alipiri route. The Sudarshan Token Darshan is ideally token as the name suggests. The Seegra Darshan is a Special Entry Darshan that is it is a Quick Darshan which costs Rs 300 per pilgrim, and the timing slots are from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. 

There are also different types of Darshans for VIPs, Senior Citizens, and Physically Challenged people. The VIP Entry is allowed through the VIP Break Darshan. 

The Senior Citizens or the physically challenged people are allowed through the Special Darshan. Parents with infants below one year can also avail this Darshan. 

Sarva Darshan in Tirumala is free for all the devotees. It allows the devotees to enter the queue directly. Tickets are not necessary for this type of Darshan. 

The timing of this Darshan depends on how massive the crowd is. The Sudarshan Token Darshan system enables the devotees to minimize the waiting time in queue as one has to book tickets in advance, and issues with a specific date and time for Darshan. 

Darshan Timings:

The VIP Break Darshan is for VIP or VVIP personalities from all over the world, and the cost of the tickets is Rs. 500. The timing from 6:30 am to 7:00 am is for VIP Break Darshan. 

TTD can cancel this Darshan during festival times or due to a massive crowd. The timings of Special Darshan in Tirumala are there in two slots. The Darshan timing is always two hours after the reporting time. That is if Darshan timing is 10 am or 3 pm, then devotees must report there two hours early. 

The devotees of Tirumala should know the rules for different types of Darshans before visiting.

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