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How to reach Tirumala by Train from Mumbai?

Tirumala or Lord Venkateswara temple is one of the most visited temples across the year by millions of Hindus. With a minimum of 45,000 to 100,000 persons daily taking darshan of the supreme lord, Tirumala is crowded almost at every part of the year.

Hence, it is ideal to plan your travel well before in advance to have a blessed & peaceful pilgrimage.

Many people from Mumbai visit Tirumala at different times of the year. It is said that visit to Tirumala is incomplete without visiting Mahalaxmi Temple in Kolhapur. This post is to guide on how to have a planned itinerary for your Tirumala pilgrimage.

You can reach Tirumala by Road, Rail & Air Transport.  Road & Air Transport can be a bit costly & hence this post will cover travel by Rail Transport as this is the easiest & cheapest way to reach Tirumala.

  1. Multiple trains travel on the Mumbai-Chennai route. Plan your date of travel , train & class of your travel as per your convenience & budget. 12163 Dadar-Chennai Egmore is the superfast train on this route & is almost full for most of the year. Renigunta is the nearest railway station pilgrims need to alight to reach Tirumala. You can book your rail ticket from the ticket booking portal of IRCTC
  2. From Renigunta, you can hire private taxi, sumo or jeep to reach Tirumala. AP government buses also run every 15 minutes from Renigunta to Tirumala
  3. On reaching Tirumala, visit the CRO to avail the room that has been booked in advance. Accommodation in Tirumala has to be pre-booked as it is very rare to find a room on arrival. You can book your accommodation in Tirumala well in advance from their room booking portal. You have room options from Rs. 100/- to Rs. 1500/-
  4. Special Entry Darshan is the best way to have the darshan. The ideal wait time would be 3-5 hours depending on the crowd. Special Entry Darshan tickets can be booked from the TTD portal
  5. Visit Laddo Prasad Counter after the darshan & collect your Laddo’s as per the tickets
  6. Once done with the darshan of Lord Venkateswara, head for Shri Padmavati Ammavari temple in Tiruchanur & Shri Govindraja Swami temple situated next to Tirupati railway station. You can hire private taxi / jeep for Shri Padmavati Ammavari temple or opt for Govt buses available both from Tirumala & Tirupati
  7. If time permits you can do sight seeing or visit various other temples / sites in Tirumala
  8. After you are done with the darshan of Lord Venkateswara, Shri Padmavati Ammavari & Shri Govindraja Swami head for Mahalaxmi temple in Kolhapur
  9. Hari Priya Express plies between Tirupati-Kolhapur every day. The train starts at 21:00 pm from Tirupati & reached Kolhapur by 16:30pm the next day
  10. Fresh up in a private lodge / cottage / Dharmashala near Mahalaxmi temple & head for Darshan. The darshan of Mahalaxmi temple should be done in 30 minutes.
  11. After darshan of Shri Mahalaxmi, the pilgrimage to Tirumala-Tirupati-Kolhapur is completed

Have a blessed pilgrimage.

Om Namo Venkatesay!!!


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