Lord Balaji on Kalpavruksha Vahanam: Glorious Navaratri Brahmotsavams at Tirumala

The 4th day of Navaratri Brahmotsavams (19th of October, Monday) was a jubilant when Lord Venkateshwara appeared mesmerising on the Kalpravruksha Vahanam along with his wives Bhumadevi and Sridevi. Decorated with enchanting jewels all around, Swami and Devis looked spectacular on the golden boon Kalpavruksha Vahanam. All the three deities were majestically seated atop the golden vahanam and were taken to the Kalyana Mantapam inside the Tirumala temple.

It is believed there is a great history behind the golden boon tree Kalpavruksha that its shape appears similar to five-headed Adisesha, the original vahanam of Lord Vishnu. Adisesha being the King of serpents positioned his vice grip on the Mandara mountains when Devatas and Asuras tried stealing the celestial liquid Amrut. According to Srimad Bhagavatam, those who get shelter under the Kalpavruksha, will never experience starvation and poverty in their whole life.

While the morning seva came to an end very soon since there was no processions taken by God to the common people, later in the evening at 7p.m, Swami blessed his devotees on the Sarvabhoopala Vahanam. Lord Balaji on the Vahanam denotes sending across messages that all the Dikpalas who are the guardians of the eight cardinal directions and governing the universe, are under his control; therefore, the quality prospers with required rains on time.

After the seva time, both the vahanams were placed inside the Tirumala temple and Jeeyar Swamigal of TTD completed all the required religious formalities under his personal supervision. Free darshan in Tirumala is likely to be resumed within four days as per the news released by TTD, which should amaze pilgrims to see the Vaibhavam of Navaratri Brahmotsavams, who were waiting with a thousand eyes to worship Lord Balaji.

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