3 Must Visit Temples in Tirupati

Here is the list of Must-visit temples in Tirupati during your pilgrimage/visit to Tirumala / Tirupati.

  • Sri Padmavathi Temple

Situated in Tiruchanur, at a distance of merely 5 km from Tirupati, Sri Padmavathi Temple is the temple dedicated to Goddess Padmavathi or Alamelumanga, the consort of Lord Venkateswara.

Alamelu Mangapuram is home to the temple of Goddess Padmavathi who married Lord Venkateshwara.

  • Sri Kapileswara Swamy Temple

The Shiva Linga in this temple is believed to be installed by Kapila Muni & hence Lord Shiva over here is referred to as Sri Kapileswara.

Sri Kapileshwara Temple stands at the entrance to a mountain cave in one of the steep and vertical faces at the foot of the Tirumala hills which are part of Seshachalam Hills, where the waters of the mountain stream fall directly into Temple Pushkarini known as “Kapila Theertham”. A huge stone statue of a seated bull “Nandhi”, Shiva’s steed, greets devotees and passersby at the entrance to the temple.

  • Sri Govindaraja Swamy Temple

Situated at hardly 5 mins walk from the Tirupati railway station, Sri Govindarajaswamy is an ancient Hindhu-Vaishnavite Temple. The temple was built during the 12 century and was consecrated in the year 1130 AD by Saint Ramanujacharya.

The temple is one of the earliest structures in Tirupati and also one of the biggest temple complexes in Chittoor district. The Tirupati city is built around this temple.

Om Namo Venkatesay!!!

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